Total mind & body relaxation
in 20 minutes

An acupressure experience you won't forget

Yoga, meditation and The Shakti Mat—each a wellbeing gift from India. Lying on a spiky mat may sound more like torture than treat, but once you get past the initial discomfort pain becomes payoff. Finish your day how you want to start the next—relaxed, restored and refreshed.

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Five-star reviews

From the converts

Say it worked

From the converts

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From the converts

Five-star reviews

Savour Shakti sleep

Who would've thought a prickly mat would be your path to a good night's sleep?! Feel discomfort melt into bliss. You may even nod off to sleep—you wouldn't be the first...

Wash away tension

Dissolve tension in a way that is painfully good. The 'Shakti tingle' starts in your skin and spreads to your muscles. Like blood rushing to tension & washing it away.

Reset a restless mind

A shock to the system that will interrupt a spiralling mind. 20 minutes lying on a Shakti promises decompression and a delightful sense of calm.

The Shakti experience

Ouch! You feel the urge to resist.

Blood moves to the area. Focus on the breath.

The Shakti tingle begins in your skin...

...And spreads into your muscles.

Your body softens, a warm feeling takes over.

Your mind and body let go—the Shakti bliss.

Wellbeing that starts with the maker

Part of our wellbeing promise is giving back to India, where it all began. Your purchase helps provide fulfilling employment and financial independence—an impact that spreads from our craftspeople to their families—for generations to come.

Self-care, so simple... We dare you not to be converted

AMAZING - Don’t know how I went for so long with this!! As a mother of four time is scarce... like REALLY SCARCE.... I suffer from varicose veins and no sleeptwo minutes helps so much and don’t even get me started when I lay on it!!! Much need DEEP SLEEP is actually obtainable !!! Amazing product... i need to order another for my partner so he leaves mine alone !!!!

Rebecca H. (AU)

Hand on my heart, the Shakti mat and pillow is changing my life. To be able to release neck and upper back tension on a daily basis, breaking the vicious cycle of tension and poor sleep, takes this product well beyond my expectations. Regular use of the Shakti mat and pillow is giving me the relief that years of expensive massage couldn't. Believe me, this is worth trying.

Megan G. (AU)

In the three months of using my mat, I have maintained a healthy eight hours of sleep, every night. This is something I have struggled with for some thirty years, so for this alone it’s worth its weight in gold. I have a physical job, and love outdoor activities, so my body gets some stick, I find the use of the mat plays a big role in recovery and recuperation as it encourages blood flow. Shakti mats are ace.

Carl D. (UK)

Self-care that cares for others

Your Shakti is just the beginning in a chain of wellbeing events. Through your purchase, you’re generating a donation that will help improve someone's wellbeing in India. So far the Shakti community has helped get kids to school and fund over 99,000 deworming tablets, and we’re just getting started!

Wellbeing promise

Lying on sharp spikes for the sake of relaxation may sound a little risky, but we don’t think it should. If Shakti doesn’t help you unwind, send it back for free.

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