Your impact

Improving the world’s wellbeing starts with the people who make our products, but it’s your support that makes everything possible.

How it all works

Last year we completed our fist Impact Report. It's a detailed look into the people we work with, the materials we choose, the charities we support, and the reasons we do it.


Responsible tree planting supports life, restores balance, and revitalises our natural world. With Tree-Nation, it also empowers developing communities. Your purchase plants one tree and funds its upkeep by locals who get paid fairly for their work. You’ll be able to track the progress of your tree, and watch it grow in time.

Safe Water Now

Millions of people are still without access to safe water. So, for 2023/24, 10% of all Shakti profits are supporting Evidence Action, a group that scales evidence-based and cost-effective initiatives that reduce the impacts of poverty for hundreds of millions of people. Your purchase directly funds their ability to help millions of people in rural India treat their drinking water, preventing thousands of needless deaths and illnesses.

Previous donations

Against Malaria

24,444 children sleeping under mosquito nets

Deworm the World

173,825 deworming tablets administered

Hellen Keller International

54,685 Vitamin A drops administered

Shakti scholarships

8 children supported with schooling